How to Apply

Residents must meet the following Health Criteria

  • Ambulatory, moves about independently, would be able to evacuate self in case of an emergency
  • Assistive devices permitted, if using an assistive device must be able to transfer self from wheelchair to chair, bed or toilet independently
  • Ability to make decisions independently
  • Ability to carry out activities of daily living
  • Safe to be alone without 24 hour supervision
  • Able to eat without assistance
  • Normal mental function
  • Must not be incontinent of bowel or bladder functioning unless able to change self
  • Able to communicate, use phone, make emergency calls
  • Ability to set up physician appointments and visit doctor’s office independently
  • Must provide recent medical assessment from physician (Functional and Social Assessment)

If the resident’s health deteriorates to the point where there is a safety risk to oneself or other residents and/or substantially interferes with the reasonable enjoyment of the complex, the resident will have the following options:

  • Contract or otherwise make arrangements with an external health care provider for the additional care required; or
  • Give notice to terminate and make arrangements to transfer to a different facility.