J’aime beaucoup demeurer ici. Tous les travaillants sont très gentils et nous aident toujours. Le complexe est très beau, les repas sont bons et le ménage est bien fait.

Réjeanne Lamarche, résident
Résidence Cadence

J’aime les activités puis tous les employées sont vraiment gentilles. J’aime les repas puis l’atmosphère.

Aurette Villemure, résident
Résidence Cadence

Je demeurais seul dans ma maison à Thunder Bay et maintenant je ne suis plus seul. Je me sens sécure et confortable dans cette nouvelle résidence.

Philip Gagne, résident
Résidence Cadence

Nous sommes très heureux et confortable à la résidence Cadence. C’est comme être en vacance prolongée dans un tous inclu.

Alma et Lucien Pouliot
Cochrane, ON

I just spent a week with my parents at the residence and had a great time, enjoying the meals, especially the soups, and listening to the wonderful stories from different residents. There is a great array of activities for all tastes, enough to keep anyone entertained if they want to. The staff is extremely positive, they listen attentively and respectfully to all, are so helpful, great at reminding residents of upcoming events and just all around nice. I am so happy that my parents are living there in their own apartment and so well taken of. I must say that the other residents and their families look just as satisfied. Centres such as these should be available to all seniors that can still live independently. Thank you to all Cadence Residence staff, I very much appreciate all that you do and all the little gestures that you all do to make my parents and their neighbours stay so enjoyable.

Hélène Pouliot-Cleare
Daughter of Alma & Lucien Pouliot, residents
Burlington, Ontario

To know that my Dad is living in this CDSSAB Retirement Living Complex gives me relief from worries and also gives me a comfort level to know he is surrounded by workers and neighbours who care and keep a watchful eye out for each other.

Sheila Spalding
Daughter of George Spalding, resident
Arnprior, Ontario

I’m glad that staff remind my mother to take her medication, and that she is involved with activities with the other tenants.  I feel that she is safe here.

Denise Thomas
Daughter of Monique Lajeunesse, resident
Cochrane, Ontario

I am very happy with all the staff and other residents. Housekeeping is excellent.  I don’t have a vehicle so I am very happy I have everything I need here from meals to mail delivery makes it so much easier.

Vilma Allchin, resident
Cadence Residence

I couldn’t be more thrilled with my parent’s new home at the retirement complex!  The facility is beautiful and the staff are amazing!  My folks are very happy there which makes me happy!

Marilyn Adachi
Daughter of Conrad & Zena Pearce, former residents
London, Ontario

The friendships, new and old that were built during my father’s stay were of great value to him.  It gave the family peace of mind that he was able to be in an environment where he was treated with respect and well cared for and that our father wouldn’t be lonely at home. We appreciated the staff at the residence and came to know them very well.  They went out of their way to accommodate requests and escort him to his dinner table regularly.  Those little things go a long way to make people feel appreciated and loved.

Family of Albert Dupuis
Cochrane, ON